the freaky tree in my yard is…

20 thoughts on “the freaky tree in my yard is…

    1. I never saw anything like this in Vermont. I’ve had this tree in my front yard for 8, but i never noticed it because the branches were so high, but the storms knocked some down. they look as though their flesh (bark) is growing…gross. Nice to meet a fellow Vermonter (i still/always will be one) Happy New Year! ~amy

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      1. Ouch! I thought the website I looked at mentioned spikey balls in the fall and winter on chestnut trees. Regardless, keep your feet safe! 🙂


  1. Ouch! I’ve heard of others stepping on Sweetgum fruit. I haven’t so far, though I live around the trees, in the Alabama woods. I know they are not popular trees but I do enjoy their autumn colors. We used to paint the fruits gold and silver for holidays.

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    1. fruits?! Those evil looking cherries that fall? Are they edible…to anything? I have only one in my front yard, the color in the fall seems to be just yellow. I will look harder next fall. Thank you so much for your help! ~amy


  2. It’s a sweet gum tree with some sort of disease process going on.
    Don’t chew any part of this tree.
    We’re not talking about Whigley’s spearmint.
    The starlike balls can be low oven sterilised and used as decoration.


    1. OH! You are the first to say that. That is a disease that makes the branches look like their flesh is growing WRONG…Why would i chew on the tree? You can chew on regular Sweetgum trees? They taste like spearmint? Why would the starlike balls need to be sterilized? Sorry about all the questions, i suppose i should just google it. Thank you for your information! ~amy


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