more powerful incomplete?


These drawings/blueprints were framed in IPChurch on Highland Ave.  (Cathedrals in France.) shot through glass, the reflections of what is behind me obscures detail. apologies.

i’ve noticed that blueprints of things have become quite popular. my son received the Millennium Falcon blueprint poster as a Hanukkah gift this year.

But there is  something very special about seeing art incomplete.  the part that has been finished holds more power because they are beside…what is to be. it has past, present & future all within the piece. and in life, we seldom witness this.

i painted a watercolor-a flower. i photographed it before i completed it, so that i could share the, “so far” of the piece to the person who commissioned it. I thought i’d like it completed…but when i finished it, i was disappointed because the mystery was lost, the power of the peice was gone. The contrast of the piece was gone. i realized i liked the painting far more, as it came into being, then when it was finished.


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  1. kjfolman says:

    Your blog post has much significance to it. “I was disappointed because the mystery was lost, the power of the piece was gone…” and “I realized I liked the painting far more, as it came into being, then when it was finished.” What powerful statements that could be applied to our lives. We are all a work of art in the making and it is often the case that the journey is far more exciting and interesting than the finished project, when we are all done. ;D


    1. Wow. ‘…Thank you so much for taking the time to write your impression of what i had written & i do agree with you. That it is the story of our lives. A bit look looking so forward to a holiday, the mystery, but when all the gifts are open, there is a part of us that feels a bit of grief. So, the question is how do we maintain that glorious power of mystery? BTW, i totally love the name of your blog, i am surprised that WordPress allowed it, but i’m glad they did! ~amy

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      1. kjfolman says:

        It’s true that the holidays is kind of a big thrill and then everything calms down and goes back to “normal”. But I think it is necessary to get rest and rejuvenate in order to get pumped back up for the next “thing”. One way, I started my year (and am about to publish a post about) is the idea of visioning. I think that by letting go of control, we are allowing life to be mysterious and realizing that we don’t know what is going to happen. That can be exciting or scary, depending on how you look at it.

        Thanks! I was surprised too. I just felt like it was real and even though swear words are not required to get one’s point across, it does add emphatic oomph to the idea. 😉

        ~ Karen


  2. “past, present & future all within…” powerful, i liked that 🙂 it reminded me of “the old power, the middle, and the new” from Power of Three, by Diana Wynne Jones, one of my favorite fantasy books growing up 🙂 Beautiful Pictures!


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