how i keep Coco’s cage clean

DSC_0098Hamsters are super cute. but the do pee a lot. so to save me time & money, i bought, ‘Pure Nature’ cat litter. it is made from cedar, pine & corn. I put it at the bottom of her cage, then cover that with the regular hamster pet bedding stuff. This keeps her cage cleaner almost three weeks longer. We just scoop out the wet stuff & add more.

just thought i’d share this idea with other lucky teddy bear hamster pet owners. ~amy

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  1. laura lecce says:

    Absolutely adorable photo! I love that it’s sitting next to the daisies. So cute!


    1. My son & i were trying to capture Coco at her best, the flowers seemed the perfect answer! Thank you so much! ~amy

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  2. LIVIAFESSEL says:

    Thats a really good idea! oh, how I miss my hamster boy 😦


    1. I’m sorry you lost your Hamster. Perhaps it is time for another? ~amy


  3. A very happy hamster ..


  4. debiriley says:

    love the train it to pee in a jar! LOL great photo 🙂


    1. i didn’t know you could train a hamster anything! I loved that comment too! I hope you are well, Deb! ~amy

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      1. debiriley says:

        thanks Amy, yes. I see you too have had some creative artistic activity going on at your place as well!!


  5. scifihammy says:

    Adorable! 🙂
    If you get a baby hamster young enough you can train it to pee in a jar in the cage, which makes cleaning even easier.

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    1. This is the smartest hamster in the whole world and cute as can be. Thanks for your cute comment! ~amy

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