the Maine Coon kitten

21 thoughts on “the Maine Coon kitten

    1. My first dog, was named Wolfgang too. Wolfie was a German Shepard, he was pretty cool & you know, when i walked him, people parted like the red sea when we went for a walk. Memory lane for pets can sometimes be too painful. As we just lost our cat, Hobbes. ~amy


  1. I remember seeing a big Maine Coon at a gas station way back when, I think in Eastern Iowa. It was perched regally on a stack of burlap, eyeing its kingdom. Big cat. Your photo brought that memory back and made me think that that breed may even be extraterrestrial! Loved the photos!


    1. oooohhh, you’re a writer. you can weave magic with words. i envy that. i don’t agree with ‘extraterrestrial’, i believe it is a huge beast, brought down to a size that won’t kill a human with one bite. a bit of wildness left inside of them,i think…that is what i saw in this cat’s eyes & i gladly would have run away with him. ~amy


  2. your photos area lovely, and of course the cat is so gorgeous! we adopted a mix breed with MC dominant. he’s a little guy, but sweetest cat (dog) lol jumps into water to play. does tricks for Attention! a diva.


    1. Oh, do you have pictures of him on your blog?! i wanna see! He jumps into water? Like a lake or a bathtub? You have excellent taste in cats! I asked her (owner of store) how much she paid for him, she said, “i paid tons of silver, tons” So i googled how much they sell kittens in Alabama (NOT THAT I’M GETTING ANOTHER ANIMAL!) they ranged for $325-$1,300!!! I couldn’t imagine ever paying that, so i looked up MC rescues & they had a few mixed. Thank you, Deb–sorry for rambling! Please let me know if you’ve posted pictures. ~amy

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