why it’s SO important to keep raising the cost of college …

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because we wouldn’t want the bankers to end up on the streets. (or commoners to believe they have the right to rise above their stations. one of them may invent a way to fuel cars without gas, and without a need for gas, we’d have no reason to send these commoners to foreign lands to fight in wars, they cannot win–but oh, how we would profit!! (unless the common man survived, then, dammit we’d have to treat their health issues–who cares if you lost a body part, you DO NOT need WELFARE OR HEALTHCARE, get a damn job!))

why it’s so important to keep women from earning equal pay for equal work…(when will women understand they need to stay home & keep our shirts ironed? That stupid war that made women go to work gave them ideas. For thousands of years, women understood their position in life. cook, clean, make an heir. AND do as I say, or i’ll slap the crap out of you.)

because we wouldn’t women to learn they are as smart or smarter then men. They are just going to end up pregnant & leaving anyway.

why it is so important to keep people believing ‘someone’ is coming to take their guns.( it is so funny how these paranoid commoners are! Like some damn liberal is going to come knocking on your door for your gun?! Ha!

because we wouldn’t want the NRA to earn less!  they’d be unable to afford to buy so many politicians.

why it’s so important for people to be upset about the government taking their money for Social Security. (idiots…don’t they know without social security, they’d have to pay for all their parent’s medical bills. like they could afford that! They’d have to take out high interest loans to pay for their parent’s bills!)

without Social Security people could save their own money without having the government taking it out of their paychecks.

Why it’s so important to take away Planned Parenthood & take choices away from women. (Stupid Obamacare with it’s birth control, paid by their employer (!!!), has brought down unplanned pregnancy. women aren’t smart enough to know about their own bodies, only men do. We need women pregnant so they go home & cook & clean for us. We cannot have women knowing some of them are smarter then us or that abortions are WAAAAAYYYY down.)

because we need to distract people from real issues that concern them.


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  1. tmezpoetry says:

    Yes, it must be said 🙂 I’m so mad at wordpress for strangely deleting many people I followed (then I forget who lol). But glad I found the way back to your site.


  2. jr cline says:



  3. Rajiv says:

    Well said!! This happens so much in India!


  4. Maureen says:

    Well said! Nowadays you have to go into massive debt to go to University – unless your parents are extremely rich…


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