i am happy

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i have fibromyalgia. the medicine i take has an awful side effect–dry mouth. everyone has felt dry mouth, usually after playing a sport or shopping for a long time. most people drink something & they are better. people who suffer dry mouth deal with this discomfort every minute of every day. for years i’ve tried everything with no luck & i gained a ton of weight–drinking water w/juice, juices, san pellegrino(oh how i miss you)…but NOW, i suffer no more (& i’ve lost weight.)

i use room temperature Smart Water or water from the tap & pour it over ice, then i add about a tablespoon (or 2 or 3) of lime juice (i prefer it over lemon juice AND yes i know its bad for my teeth) i let it sit for five minutes, so the ice melts a bit, thus lessening damage to my teeth (YES, MOM, I KNOW ITS TERRIBLE FOR MY TEETH) the combination of chewing, makes my lazy salivary glands work (the slackers) & the sour of the lime juice has rid me of dry mouth. And i’m so damn happy. i hope it works for someone. My Grandmother suffered terribly from dry mouth & it drove her crazy–i bought every product out there, to try to help her. nothing worked. i wish i knew this then, it may have helped her too.

We’ve all been told chewing ice is bad for our teeth, i’m no dentist…but i now buy toothpastes that can ‘strengthen my enamel’, like Sensodyne “repair & protect” i hope it works. teeth are overrated anyway, i’d rather not have dry mouth.

oh, another WARNING…make sure to chew your ice alone…if you do chew ice with other people around…umm, they will NOT like it.

5 thoughts on “i am happy

  1. I’ve got fibromyalgia too but luckily no dry mouth. We’ve just gone through a horrendously hot, humid summer and muscle pain has been hard to live with. Luckily it’s cool now and guess what? We’re selling up and moving to Ireland!


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