distorted perceptions…

DSC_0048 DSC_0055 DSC_0030 DSC_0019 DSC_0079 DSC_0080 DSC_0081wow, right? the first flowers are in 1″ tall vases & you know what those flowers are called? WEEDS! really! grass has gotten a little out of control in one area & these flowers weeds are everywhere. Beautiful in the vase, but not on your lush, green lawn, right? No? Not beautiful in the vase b/c now you know they are weeds. wow.

i’m going to pretend i own a BMW 760Li (sedan, starting price $141,200) i have the BEST car ever. Two years later, BMW completely changes the body style of my car. overnight my car has gone from the BEST EVER to an embarrassing has been.

my daughter had to have THE purse, all the girls had one. she saved up for it, researched the best price & bought it (it was a piece of crap-Nylon w/ a wee bit of leather. wtf?) by the time it arrived, it was no longer THE purse to own. it lives on the floor in her closet.  i went to pick her up from school the other day and i saw a bunch of sheep girls in white skinny jeans…almost ALL of them. it felt very X-files. i pointed out this freak show observation to my daughter & you know what she said? “baa” i said no.

are human beings wired to desire the best, the greener grass, to fit in, to show off? i think we must be a bit like herded sheep. i mean, i have everything Apple. but i can also say that my dad bought the very first Apple computer sold to regular people, it was called Lisa (released in July 1976. i was 6yrs old). it is still in his den, proudly displayed on a pedestal. i loved Apple before they became THE stuff to have. i grew up using it. am i a herded sheep?

i grew up in Vermont. everyone owned a front wheel or four wheel auto for winter. the roads were filled with Jeeps, Subaru, Volvos…and my absolute favorite car in the whole wide world, the SAAB. i fell in love with that car when i was 7. i told myself i would drive one when i grew up & you know? i have. i’ve had two. my last one was totaled. the kids & i asked for another one, but was told nobody drives SAABs anymore. they don’t even make them anymore. my choice removed. guess what i was given to drive? Yup, a BMW. i should be so grateful for owning  driving the same car everyone owns in Birmingham, Alabama.

but very, very soon…i am leaving the herd. i’m gonna find a used station wagon made by SAAB & i’ll drive it until it dies or i do.

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    1. Amy Saab says:

      Thank you, Nancy! ~amy

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  1. lumenuniverse says:

    Weeds feed bees bees make polination work and produce food for humans that we enjoy, the concept of a lawn is just well disrespectful of the food chain! SAABS are awesome by the way


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Preaching to the choir! 🙂 my ex-husband was a huge into killing the weeds-weed & feed (poison & poison). i would watch him battle the clover & i would hope the clover won. it did. I don’t care what grows where grass should, just as long as it holds the earth down. In Alabama, the bald patches of his leftover distraction, the earth cracks like a scary dead thing. I put compost & water the hell out of it. And you are so cool to think SAABs are still cool!!! ~amy

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