a friend for you…

a new friend to keep you company, Nala.
a new friend to keep you company, Nala.

DSC_0050 DSC_0049 DSC_0057 3

i thought you were going to snuggle?! NO, YOU. CANNOT. EAT. HER!”

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  1. The most beautiful husky on the Planet, every single hair on princess Nala is on the right place, she is pure perfection, I guess I ignored all the action and just stared at her beauty! 🙂


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Oh, Eva…you are so wonderful to have in my life. I LOVE that you love my furry babies. I suppose i could call you my animals groupie! Happy New Year! ~amy

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      1. I accept! May you have the best in the year 2015! Happy New Year to you and yours!~ Eva


  2. Nala is just beautiful ..


  3. loisajay says:

    Oh, Nala–there goes all the fun.. So cute, Amy.


  4. Reggie says:

    Oh that is just adorable, Amy. The ‘fluffy pup’ looks just like Nala. 🙂


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