best way to photograph a spiders web?

DSC_0020 (1)

a water spritzer for plants. I sprayed this web with wee dots of water & you know what happened? When the morning sun hit it, i saw rainbows.

There was no spider on the web at the time & the water dried in minutes.

Now that it is fall & Alabama spiders start building HUGE webs all over the house. My son, when he was young, hated the webs. I told him that we should be grateful for their help in decorating our house for Halloween. He believed this to be true for a few years & then i heard him tell a friend the same. It was so sweet. I did tell him later that it just seems that way, but i didn’t think the spiders knew about the holiday. πŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “best way to photograph a spiders web?

    1. If you have young children, it really cool to call it a magic trick. I did one for my son, he is 11 & he was shocked b/c i started spraying before he saw the web! Thanks, Jensine! ~amy


  1. Great pic. I really struggle taking a picture of a cobweb. I was in Seam Reap in one of the temples and came across a cobweb about the size of a dustbin lid, with a mahoooosssiivvveeee green and blue spider in the middle. Every time I tried I just couldn’t get it to focus properly, it would focus on a particular segment of the web, not the entire thing.


    1. Oh, regret is an awful thing to have…i have memories of images i didn’t capture as i intended either. They stick in my head. The last was a dandelion that had gone to a perfect circle of seed & fluff, covered in frost…I was too cold & assumed i could try again later. I suggest you check your settings on your camera. If it was focusing on just a piece of the web, then you had too little light. I do wish you every success in future photos! ~amy

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