horse eyelashes

DSC_0286 2

i flirted, shamelessly, with this guy.

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  1. OK, now this one deserves a frame and a wall in a penthouse condo, just marvelous, perfection!


    1. Amy Saab says:

      I need a penthouse condo? I would LOVE one of those, but they have to allow Nala, Hobbes, Ivy & Cole to live with me, then i would print this one up BIG & frame it! ~amy


      1. The print definitively needs to be BIG, that’s why you need an entire wall in the penthouse condo, good plan isn’t it, it would be your studio place populated with Nala, Hobbes, Ivy and Cole plus all your students! Perfection! 🙂


  2. Why are Pawsome lashes always wasted on horses and cows!!??


  3. Love it! I would have too 🙂


  4. Chess says:

    Serously beautiful 😄


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