Church & Main, Burlington, Vermont


so, where are you located?

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  1. sued51 says:

    A beautiful fun college town…


  2. Maverick ~ says:

    I have a son in Burlington. Been there a couple of years and loves it.


  3. Buckinghamshire, England… but I’ve been too Burlington! I was born just over the border in Sunapee, NH, not far from White River Jct… small world, huh?


  4. There’s a reason I’d like to be at Church & Main in Burlington, VT: leaves! On my bucket list is a trip to Vermont during leaf peeper season. We’re in Knoxville, TN where we get beautiful autumn leaves but not like we’ve seen in pictures of Vermont!


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Oh, you should go! The first week of October is usually peek week. I’d not seen an autumn in Vermont for over 20 years. It was extraordinary. it is all the sugar maples. GO, go, go go you’ll never forget it. ~amy


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