The Church with a Jewish beginning…in Birmingham, Alabama?!

When the Presbyterian Church split into Independent Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama in 1915, they needed a place to start from. They started their Church in the Sanctuary of Temple Emanu-El. The Church remained there for 7 years, until they had built themselves a new home. City blocks apart, but still sharing the same Highland…

stepping inside a Church

stepping inside a church, for the first time in a long time. Being Jewish, I tend to stick to a familiar ground unless I am invited elsewhere. I was here for an incredible reason. My Rabbi called me to ask if I would take on a commission. He explained that this commission, this watercolor painting,…

you cast a lovely shadow

these images were taken in the very small town of Helena, Alabama. a wonderful place to visit if you’ve ever wanted to see the small towns of old. the late afternoon sun casts a very long shadow here.

stacked stones

my mother’s porch. her glass art, a miniature, sits atop her pile of stones. someday those stones could find themselves as sand, then fired in a kiln, made into glass… DIY art project…the stacking of stones is one anyone can do.  Glue together if they are to sit in the garden.

rock, paper, scissors & glass

her media choices are ever changing, her style changes as does the seasons. My mother finds an art form & takes it every direction she cares to, until she stumbles onto another. Her studio table, today, is covered in glass- bright, colorful & sharp. All waiting to be assembled. On her shelves, sit her origami…