i made a gallery of my artwork

18 thoughts on “i made a gallery of my artwork

  1. Amy, thx for following and leading me to your site. I also LOVE children’s art and worked with young students for 35 years. Nothing better or more creative in this world!! Have an artful day, Marian.


    1. Hello Marian! 35 years teaching children, you have enjoyed a lot of art! I love teaching art to children…although in all fairness, they teach me far more then i teach them. The best is to enjoy the process & live in the moment. Thank you for the follow! ~amy


  2. My dear Amy, I really enjoyed your gallery of beautiful artworks and found a Zen moment in it! You are an amazing versatile artist with exceptional talent in all kinds of media, I’m glad you shared an other aspect of yourself and let us discover another side of you a most beautiful one indeed!


    1. Wow, Thank you, Eva. The published Hebrew paintings were commissioned & were painted from images of the Temple that hired me. Its cool to think my art is in the library of congress. I really enjoy doing art for kids more then anything. no pressure. i know i’m painting something that they will enjoy as much as i did in the creation of it. Thank you for looking at the gallery, Eva. I do hope you’ll look at my art class gallery, that is where my greatest joys are found. (outside of my family of course:) ~amy


  3. Silly me. It took me a minute to find the gallery … and all the while it was right there, staring at me. All this is beautiful stuff. I am not an art critic, so I do not know the correct words and phrases to use to describe how it is your work impresses me (in the literal sense) but I can observe that you have a great sense of color. There is something about your style, as well, that impresses me as being fresh, personal, alive, vibrant, dynamic, and, most importantly, engaging. Nice stuff. Thanks for taking the time to assemble the show for us. D


  4. I have just seen some of them. Amy. I am absolutely sure you are a fantastic artist!
    Color,composition, textures, all look great and you can see a higher evolution with the pass of time. Congratulations!



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