How a king may go…through the guts of beggar



SOUND BITES & TALKING POINTS were invented by parents of young children. Here is an example that every parent has said (yelled), at least 10,000 times, “GET. YOUR. SHOES. ON. NOW!!!”  Simple words to catch the attention of our young, simple minded, uneducated (& wild) children. A way of capturing their attention while they are living in some imaginary place. Parents yell instructions on “WHAT TO DO NOW” because young children (and teenagers) do not have the attention span to listen to anything that does not interest them. So we yell, after asking sweetly, several times. And when that doesn’t work, we then fly into a frustrated rage & YELL our simple instructions.

The News channels yell at us.

Does this mean the Media believes we are a bit simple minded? Do they believe we will channel surf if the news isn’t SCARY AND LOUD ENOUGH?

It has been quite sometime since i’ve written anything in seriousness, because, God knows, there is too much of that in the world. News broadcaster’s voices have become angry & downright terrifying. I try to avoid both. I hide in my fictional novels. And as hard as i try, i simply cannot block it all out because of the SHOUTING.

Are Americans are too busy & can only hear scary news when shouted? Or have people become so self-righteous in their political beliefs, that they disregard anything other than WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR? This popular sound bite, “WE NEED A SMALLER GOVERNMENT!” Do these words have any real meaning? I wonder what that means, a smaller government…well, i suppose it would mean less or no  police or fireman, FBI or paved roads, traffic lights, state parks, trash men, mail carriers, Army, Navy, Marines, Air force, Veteran’s hospitals, food health inspectors, air traffic controllers, public defenders, public prosecutors, clean water, schools, teachers, social security for mom & dad, disability for the broken, food stamps for the hungry, greedy & self righteous congressmen & congresswomen (we could use a little less of them)…people do not want any of these things?

or does SMALLER GOVERNMENT simply mean, to some, no abortions & “there ain’t nobody who’s gonna take my guns away”? Have some of us become that simple?

Yesterday, our CongressMEN voted down equal pay for woman. Some in our Congress voted against the Violence Against Women Act. Really?

Do women understand THAT message from our ELECTED officials?  That it’s ok for an abusive husband/boyfriend to say to his wife/girlfriend, “oh, what a cute little paycheck” then abuse her “because they don’t contribute enough to the family.” Men can say, “you don’t have a real job” or “everything in this house belongs to me, including the clothes you are wearing”  and your elected congressMEN think that THAT is not really anyone’s business but your own.

Really?! WTF?

What smaller government really means is the government has the right to decide when to intervene or when to ignore. Congress voted against these bills that would protect women…a “smaller government” is trying to stay out of people’s private lives…unless you have a uterus…well, then a government can, they believe they have a ‘moral obligation’ to, dictate what is allowed in said uterus & what comes out of it. That is ASTOUNDINGLY arrogant & appallingly ignorant. and evil. & it makes me sick. In my opinion, men who feel this way about women are threatened by them. Only weak men want to control women, because these ‘men’ 1. remained a virgin until they were married and 2. rejected by women throughout their lives and 3. have been made a fool of by women, because they are fools. No real man would wish to dominate & undermine a woman, because a real man respects women as a whole.

I read a quote on Facebook by Bill Maher…the man has no filter, but he is sharp as a tack & to those who can LISTEN to both sides of an argument, he doesn’t use talking points, he invites discussion. after his monologue, of course.

“This is the question the Right has to answer, do you want smaller government with less handouts, or do you want a low minimum wage? Because you cannot have both. If Colonel Sanders isn’t going to pay the lady behind the counter enough to live on, then Uncle Sam has to, and i, for one am getting a little tired of helping highly profitable companies pay their workers.”

This is math. It is that simple.

Oh, wait…we want SMALLER GOVERNMENT so there would be no schools, teachers or math.

I read a comment someone left under his quote, “…or maybe the lady behind the counter should “move on” and get herself a better job with higher pay. I say smaller government for sure”

Good God.

Well, that makes so much sense! You ass.

I believe everyone is made differently in this world and for good reason. Some people are born with many opportunities and intelligence and others are not. Some are born with unbelievable ignorance & blinding arrogance (the second one is a deadly combination. and usually become politicians) Most people cannot imagine what it is to be in another (hu)man’s shoes.  We cannot all be at the same level of intelligence, economic background, education and unfortunately, skin color STILL matters (because humans are assholes).

Common sense dictates that to have a successful society,  we must have jobs that support a successful community. For example, on Mondays, I am grateful for my trashmen because if they decided to “move on” who the hell would rid me of my shit? What if I wanted KFC but no one condescended to be behind the counter because the employees “moved on”? What about getting the lowest price at Walmart? What if any retail employee decided to “move on”? What if farmers decided their land wasn’t worth working & decided to become lawyers instead?

Oh, that could work, everyone could be a lawyer! Because I would love to eat legal briefs instead of food.

If everyone was capable of becoming wealthy…just think of what we would lose. We would have no Starbucks Coffee or fast-food, groceries or waitresses/waiters or clean linens at our hotels…who would wash our cars? Build our cars? Who would sell me a snickers bar? Who would make me a snickers bar? Who would deliver the food? Who would take my trash away? Bag my groceries? Who would grow my groceries, dry clean my clothes? Sell me my clothes? Make me my clothes? Who would mow my lawn? Who would build a lawn mower? Wait, where would we live?! There would be no one to build our houses. No running water. no electricity. no toilets, no showers, no hot water, no lights, no candles, no matches…we would all die. And, ewww, there would be no one left to bury us. the only one who would succeed would be the worms.

Which reminds me of Hamlet…you know? Written by William Shakespeare? You can skip this part…i find it deadly accurate.

“Not where he eats, but where he is eaten, a certain convocation of politic worm are e’en at him. Your worm is your only emperor for diet. We fat all creatures else to fat us & we fat ourselves for maggots. Your fat king & your lean beggar is variable service-two dishes, but to one table. That’s the end” says Hamlet.

“Alas, Alas” (panics) Claudius.

“A man may fish with the worm that hath eat of a king & eat of the fish that hath fed of that worm”-Hamlet.

“What dost you mean by this” Claudius.

“Nothing but to show you how a king may go a progress through the guts of a beggar”~Hamlet.

Brilliant, don’t you think?

I am grateful for everyone who can & choses to work. And i am sorry for those who are unable to. No matter their station in life. I am grateful. (with the exclusion of politicians & murderers) Be it the man who built me my car,  to the person at my quick mart, because they have made my life better & that, in my thinking, is good enough for me. to know most are worthy of respect. And deserving a chance of having a version of a good life, like anyone else.

No one can solve one person’s problems by telling them to “get a job!” and then, when they get the only job they can, condemn them because they cannot earn enough to eat. “NOT. MY. PROBLEM.” say the people who were lucky enough to be born into circumstances that enabled them succeed.

Well, it is everyone’s problem if you want your community to function & thrive.

If you can’t come up with a thoughtful solution to end this cycle, like, for example, raising the minimum wage to a LIVING WAGE…then you are part of the problem. and if you voted to allow men to beat their wives, i do wish that reincarnation was real, because karma is a bitch…and i would hope that men who abuse their wives, or the men who give other’s the permission to do so, would be born again as an underpaid, abused woman. does that sound mean? well, so does voting against protecting women or not paying her as much as a man.

You can only offer condemnation to those less fortunate than you? then that would make you unbelievably ignorant & a blindingly, arrogant jackass.

Walk in another’s shoes for a while, ok?

Post Script…I wrote this three years ago…trump is here now. just look at how far we have fallen. From here, there is no where else to go but up. trump & his followers have energized those of us who oppose him & all he stands for. It is time for the country to rid itself of the morally bankrupt, the arrogant, the ignorant, the racists, the hater of women, the greedy, the self appointed destroyer of the weak, those who wish to crush minorities.  We must wash out the stains of the evil people who put party before country, the people who sell their souls for profit, the greedy, liars, those who committed treason for money…these people who are in the highest positions of power today.

The only way i find i can put one foot in front of the other, is to believe America had to sink so low, before we could heal the divide & then become more UNITED than we’ve ever been. America had to learn the white, super wealthy people & corporations owned us all. We have to see how divided we are. America has become a us vs. them. That needs to end. To save ourselves, to grow & learn we must become united in the belief that all men are created equal. and the creatures that came out of the woodwork, and took over our government, must be shamed back in or learn that we are stronger together. and greed is a sin for a reason…it corrupts absolutely.

join the conversation if you wish to contribute to a better future. if you wish to insult, i’ll just ignore you like a flea on a rat.




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  1. KDKH says:

    I think that when people say that they want “less government” one thing they really mean is that they want less rules. Regulations can impact their bottom line — but give us a healthier place to live, cleaner water, less pollution, etc. They don’t care if they muck up the planet because they don’t look after their own needs and their own lifetime. Very sad. I stopped watching TV news. Too inflammatory.

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  2. Reblogged this on 2me4art and commented:

    a post script added three years after 1st post. forgive errors…


  3. One of the differences I’ve noticed between Americans and Australians, despite cultural similarities, is the different attitude towards people who do menial jobs. We call those people “battlers”- folk who for whatever reason need to work in a low paid job for a while. They may be university students, single parents, doing a second job to earn extra money, disadvantaged educationally or topping up the aged pension. It doesn’t really matter- they are not “bludgers” (another Australian term) and they are usually admired for taking care of themselves. Our minimum wage, however, is over $15 an hour and most people earn a lot more. We have had equal pay legislation since 1986. The economy has experienced over 20 years of continuous growth. The American concept of low paid workers is often that of the “loser”, despite the fact that social mobility has been declining in the US for decades. We have an adult child in university in the US as a post-graduate. We still support her financial because we can afford to. How do those Americans with no parental support get ahead? I did my degree in Australia where there are no up front fees and the cost is taken out of tax once the graduate begins employment. There is no interest on the “loan”. This was nearly 30 years ago. If my parents had been asked to pay for my university education, I wouldn’t have gone. I know I am making some huge generalisations, but I can see no other way to account for the callous attitudes you have described and I’ve frequently heard from American relatives and acquaintances. Quite depressing.


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Well said. I admire the way you refer to people do menial work. It seems Australia does it right. I am very embarrassed about how America is behaving. Its like we are all just idiots, slowly sinking into a pile of…anyway. Thank you so much for sharing your life with me. I’ve gotta teach art…my salvation. ~amy


  4. kiwiskan says:

    shared on facebook


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Wow! Thank you so much, so very flattering!!!! ~amy

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  5. Great comment, Amy – and really, just plain common sense. Although that seems to be a commodity which is sadly lacking these days. I often wonder – are some people born dim or does their light fade as they grow older.

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  6. janicead says:

    Excellent! I look back to the opportunities I had as a young woman with only a high school education. By the grace of God I had good paying jobs in technical situations. I sort of just apprenticed my way into a 40 year career in graphic arts with an industrial application. Those industries are now in other nations. And employers seem to expect college degrees for entry level jobs. Well, this is supposed to be a response, not my own blog. Thanks, Amy for voicing this important message.


  7. loisajay says:

    Go get ’em. Amy! Right on, girl!


  8. kiwiskan says:



  9. I think you should write more often! You go girl


  10. You hit the nail on the head. LOVE. THIS. POST.

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