How a king may go…through the guts of beggar

a post script added three years after 1st post. forgive errors…



SOUND BITES & TALKING POINTS were invented by parents of young children. Here is an example that every parent has said (yelled), at least 10,000 times, “GET. YOUR. SHOES. ON. NOW!!!”  Simple words to catch the attention of our young, simple minded, uneducated (& wild) children. A way of capturing their attention while they are living in some imaginary place. Parents yell instructions on “WHAT TO DO NOW” because young children (and teenagers) do not have the attention span to listen to anything that does not interest them. So we yell, after asking sweetly, several times. And when that doesn’t work, we then fly into a frustrated rage & YELL our simple instructions.

The News channels yell at us.

Does this mean the Media believes we are a bit simple minded? Do they believe we will channel surf if the news isn’t SCARY AND LOUD ENOUGH?

It has…

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