you are so hot

11 thoughts on “you are so hot

  1. I like hot peppers, but have to be tasty too. Just heat alone does not cut it for me. I do enjoy the extra dimension food gets once you add a bit of heat, I love to feel it in my lips, but not having the sensation of lava running down my esophagus.
    I do grow some hot peppers, and have tons of stories about being careless after handling them…..


    1. I agree with you 100% Jose! I like hot with flavor, always. If i wanted to burn my mouth, i would just eat fire. Thank you for your wonderful comment.
      Keep cool, Jose! ~amy


    1. You seem to know everything, you must be a wonderful cook. I wish i could eat at your house. I knew about the gloves, but not the olive oil. I’m leaving this job to the braver person in the house. Thank you, Gretchen! ~amy


  2. You should try the tiny chillies they have here in North Cyprus – I took a tiny, tiny bite and it almost blew my head off. I thought my throat was on fire. Never again and I don’t mind chillies, used to eat them pickled when I was younger but not nowadays!


    1. I’m not a fan of super hot either. I like taste over just HOT. I’m pretty sure i will put a tiny bit into my salsa, but that is it! But they were pretty to look at. ~amy


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