staring me down

20 thoughts on “staring me down

  1. Beautiful girl, great shot as always. We have three boys, well… three young men now… And yes, they do come back looking for advice, and to share about their conquers once they have a taste of world on their own terms.


  2. Your daughter is so lovely, a beautiful natural pose. Love how you photographed her, gorgeous lighting that creates a wonderful soft feel to the scene.


  3. I once thought that my mom was mine…but what I found is that we were each other’s. When I went off to college she was the first person I called when I needed someone to talk to or just someone to tell about my day and she would call just because. Everyone outgrows thinking they don’t need their mom. I know I did.


    1. Exactly, Hunter! I couldn’t wait to get away from my mother, who i believed knew nothing as to how the world worked, but then when i was trying to live without her, boy…i wished for those days back! Thank you so much for your comment. ~amy


      1. Aren’t teens fun? My eldest just got his first job so I should get a break from the money-grabbing!
        And yes… Amazing how nice they can be when they want something!


      2. Teens are wonderful fun. My oldest is leaving for college in a few months. So she has changed so much. She had two jobs this year, during school & still managed to get straight ‘A’s’…this wouldn’t have been believed possible when she was 13. She is so grown up. I’m one proud Mom. Thanks, Dale. I’m glad he has a job, that changes everything for them. ~amy


  4. I love the backlighting on her hair, and the way the colour of her eyes stands out. She radiates independence, self-confidence, focused attention… you must have done something right as a mum, Amy! 🙂


    1. Oh, gosh, Reggie….that was after scolding her for being such a grouch. She was whining about how hot she was, how bored she was…etc. That photo was LUCK! Thank you! ~amy


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