rock, paper, scissors & glass

rock, paper, scissors & glass

her media choices are ever changing, her style changes as does the seasons. My mother finds an art form & takes it every direction she cares to, until she stumbles onto another. Her studio table, today, is covered in glass- bright, colorful & sharp. All waiting to be assembled. On her shelves, sit her origami boxes-her love of paper is obvious. It hangs from the ceiling in wonderful shapes, or it has been sliced into thin strips & woven together like a basket of color. Some of her paper hold her photographs.…but upstairs, slowly finding its way into her life, is soft, wool felt. I found some felt & glass beaded buttons that she had made. A new medium has taken hold. We all benefit from her love of the arts. Her art sits on my shelves, some hang from our ceilings, others have been framed & hang on our walls.
I grew up with a mother who looked to the ground in search of rocks. Like a little boy, she would have rocks in her pockets when she came home from almost…everywhere. She would stack them, balance them atop one another, some rocks, she would glue marbles on to them. She has never stopped looking for beauty, she never stopped trying new things, she never gave up a medium until she mastered it-once mastered, she would go in search of something new to challenge herself with.
She has worked with photography, graphic design, horticulture, glass, yarn, rocks, pots, editing, painting, origami, glass, cross stitching, making brownies, reading (almost) a book a day AND she raised three children, 2 golden retrievers, a few cats, a few birds & she has been married to my father for 45 years.
No wonder he finds her so fascinating. My mother is always searching for ways to make new treasures. My father stopped looking for his treasure 45 years ago.

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  1. Beautiful story about your mom. She sounds very special, and it seems you take after her! ~SueBee


    1. 2me4art says:

      Thank you, SueBee. We are alike in so many ways. Except that the arts we are attracted to seem to differ greatly. She has tried to teach me to knit, tried to show me origami, cross stitching…even her photography differs. However, her love of art & her constant search for a new challenge was passed on, thank God. We make a very good team. My weaknesses are her strengths. ~amy


      1. Kat and I each have our own specialties, as well. It’s fun because we balance each other out! Hooray for mom/daughter teams 🙂 ~SueBee


      2. 2me4art says:

        Yes! I Hooray for mother/daughter teams too. ~amy


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