Most Americans came from somewhere…

Most Americans came from somewhere...

Almost all of us are descended from immigrants.
The people who believe themselves entitled to this country & have nothing to prove to anyone, are the people who make us fall behind the rest of the world, in education, health, pride in making our stuff.  People have always been wary of strangers, every generation hated somebody new who came to this country.  Some people are most afraid of change. The only constant is change.  I don’t think we should ever stop trying to prove ourselves to each other, to ourselves & the rest of the world. Believing you deserve respect without earning it, means you have let down your family’s ancestors who struggled with each generation to make a better life for their children.  People dishonor their own history, their origins, their families. They forget who’s blood runs through their veins.

Look back at your family tree & see who they were & how they came to be here.  See if you can find out if they were received with open arms, or with suspicion & hate.

These are the countries my children are descended from. My ancestor from England came to this country four hundred years ago. One Scottish ancestor was my great grandmother, who came to this country via Canada, alone & 18 years old, how brave she must have been (I hope to have her blood running strong in me). My husband’s great grandfather came from Lebanon, he came here because he was Catholic, which was not a safe religion to believe in his home country then. My maternal grandmother’s family tree goes back thousands of years because her family was descended from a Rabbis, they could write down their decedents, & Geni (the family tree site) says that her family, my family, was related to Rabbi Loew (He is my great Grandfather many, many times over). So many brave people. I hope that my children remember where they came from, so that when they are grown & married & have children of their own, they can add even more to their children’s origins.  My children’s family tree is  what the American dream was supposed to be.  A melting pot, not a salad.  ~amy

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  1. Anthony says:

    You are absolutely right. I have spent a great deal of time on my families genealogy and it astounds me. They came here from all over, Scotland, Ireland, England, France, Spain, Norway, and on and on. All looking for a piece of freedom, and a chance to start a new life. Struggles, fears, hatred all along the way. I can’t imagine coming all that way only to find you had to go on to another place because of distrust. This country still has the capacity to be great, but it is going to have to learn to be more accepting.


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Thank you, Anthony. We all forget the hard life our ancestors had in coming to the U.S. or any other country they had the courage to go to. At one time or another, some nationality was disliked & accused of stealing jobs or something else more menacing. This country hasn’t learned anything from our history, nor look to their own origins as a reminder that their family may not have been welcome at one time. Thank you so much for your comment. ~amy


  2. kiwiskan says:

    A beautiful idea, and true statements. We all need to realize and celebrate our diversity.


    1. 2me4art says:

      Thank you for reading it. I tend to ramble on…. -amy


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