Nothing more purple

Nothing more purple

I got ’em at the grocery store!

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  1. Nice picture of purple tulips! There are few variety of double fragrant tulips available, the fragrance is really a bonus!


    1. 2me4art says:

      I didn’t know tulips had a smell! I’ve never bought them before because I know NOTHING about bulbs. When do I dig them up? They only flower one time? Oops, I’ve asked questions again…


      1. You can leave bulbs alone for few years then you dig them out in end of summer to devide the bulbs and replant them. It is very easy and cheap. Some people don’t bother to dig, devide and replant the bulbs, they just plant new bought bulbs every fall.

        I have these tulips will change color — from yellow with tiny red and then red take over yellow through blooming time, unique!


      2. 2me4art says:

        Very cool! When I get my cut flower bed, I will move them then. Thanks for all your great advice! -amy


      3. You are welcome! — Jane


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