i am going to watercolor you

this one, is wow. I wanna paint it. what is so great about this Orchid, is it doesn’t have the painted/dyed green bamboo to hold it upright. if you want this on, it is at Leaf N’Petal in Mountain Brook Village! perhaps this one too.

i found this one on the discounted table

i understood why this hydrangea was placed there. At first glance, i thought there was nothing left to take note of. Then i looked a little harder…out of all the flowers i took that day, this one is my favorite. it is a peaceful color, with stunning detail on the back…then to set against a…

the painted white stripe

the first image…the flower is positioned so well, that it looked like it was painted, along with the strip on the park lot.

the backside of the Cosmos

i love, LOVE, LOVE taking photos of flowers from behind (gosh, that sounds dirty, do you think the flowers think i’ve got a dirty mind?!). most of the time, when the green part of the bud opens to allow the blossom to emerge, it resembles a flower.  i also like to photograph furry stems–because when…

pots of gold

  Leaf & Petal @ the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

I would like to pet you

would you hurt me if i did? maybe i’m just living dangerously…standing this close to the sun.

the sun was photobombed by a moth

I took this with my iPhone, while i was shopping for perennials (most are 50% now) …I never saw the moth until i uploaded images i had snapped while shopping. I was shocked! Lucky me.