the backside of the Cosmos

i love, LOVE, LOVE taking photos of flowers from behind (gosh, that sounds dirty, do you think the flowers think i’ve got a dirty mind?!). most of the time, when the green part of the bud opens to allow the blossom to emerge, it resembles a flower.  i also like to photograph furry stems–because when…

my garden shines

wow. changes happen overnight…i suppose the expression, “When nature calls” it means something completely different for me. i feel the need to go outside every morning to see what is new.

set them against blue…

cosmos, joseph’s coat roses, african daisies…all came from my gardens this morning. Yummy

a lost cat, that has found me

this lost kitten (?) found me. It took a few weeks before she would come close to me. i saw her only at dusk & dawn. But this morning, she found me & asked for some food, which i did. I gardened all morning & she stayed with me for a few hours. I think…

my first roses stun me

these are Joseph’s coat roses. The bloom color can vary from rose to rose…most tend to lean this color.

wrap me up

instead of fading away, this blossom, curled up tighter. something people do when they’re not feeling well…fetal position, perhaps? đŸ™‚

am i brave enough?

Words can pack a punch. Words can deliver a soft, sweet blow. Words can be a weapon or a gift.  Sometimes we give someone words delivered from the heart…it can be difficult to put your heart & pride on the line with your words. I feel words delivered with emotion & then ignored hurt. That…