“you think too much” means…

dsc_00231I’ve always been informed that i have this flaw. What it really means is “you talk too much” and it also means…shut up. In my small corner of this world, i have to understand why things…and people, are the way they are. If someone who was once warm & no longer is, i have to know why. I have to understand what i did to cause it, and if i want to…to fix it, or walk away. Some people communicate their feelings by their actions. Impatience, irritable, anger…all this can be seen through their body language & their facial expressions.  When someone changes their behavior toward me – the woman who talks too much – your body language speaks volumes. 

OH! UPDATE…i was reading a book & the man said this to a woman & she said, “One of us has to” Isn’t that awesome!

and this is why i’d rather be a cat.

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  1. I’d rather be a cat too. 😸


    1. yeah, i think life would be far easier. ~amy

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    1. Happy Sunday to you too!


  3. fpdorchak says:

    My dad’s nickname for me as a kid was…”Motormouth.” Be who you are. You’ll be fine. :-]


    1. Ha! Mine was chatty cathy. Umm, my name
      is Amy…anyway, as i was saying…
      thank you Motormouth! ~amy

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      1. fpdorchak says:

        Nice chatting with you…Amy. 🙃


    1. I take it you’ve been told the same? Thank you! ~amy


      1. #RESPEKT from România 🇷🇴🌍🇪🇺

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