and then i met him

in the parking lot of my apartment complex, in Birmingham, Alabama. when my son & i got out of my car, he said, “i noticed your Vermont bumper sticker…so are you from there?” i said i was. he told me his mother & sister live in Vermont. Small, small world isn’t it? now, he makes me jealous because he & his girlfriend are going up there very soon.

and i couldn’t help notice he was beautiful & so i asked for a few iPhone pics today. img_8699img_8704

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  1. i think we get more daring in our old age. You were not hurting anything in my opinion.Sweet


    1. oh, it costs us less to be daring in our old age. i could be this guy’s mother, so i knew he knew i wasnt ‘hitting on him’. besides telling strangers that they are beautiful is helping to improve someone’s day. Kindness can go a long way. ~amy


  2. laura lecce says:

    Hi Amy, I chuckled at the thought of you asking a stranger for some photos. Those dreamy eyes… I can totally understand why.

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    1. i have made it a habit of telling strangers, that they are beautiful…or striking. it is awesome to watch confusion flicker across their faces, then a blush. now that i am OH, so much older, i can now confidently say so to younger men. i told this guy, i was using his good looks for selfish views & the amazing Vermont connection. i asked him to take off his sunglasses so i could get those blue eyes, he told me they were green. i NOW can say without hesitation, his eyes are turquoise 🙂 being old has some advantages! ~amy

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      1. laura lecce says:

        Lol, I just love your response Amy!


  3. John says:

    Great shots Amy. 👍🏻

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  4. Linda Corliss says:

    What part of Vermont? How nice! Linda

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    1. amazingly, somewhere i’ve never heard of. North of Montpelier, southeast of Burlington. Pretty small world. he works where i live, so i see him about once a week, usually he torments me with his future plans of travel. Henry told me, the other day, he hasn’t taken a vacation in over two years. he is right. i wish i had them for Thanksgiving…because i would have taken them north. ~amy


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