Norton’s Florist

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I have always photographed flowers in their gardens, or tucked away in their pots, all set up for the viewer. Which has always made for some amazing photographs. Yet, i’ve always seen the ‘after’, never the process of what it takes to create it. The front area of the shop looked like most florist shops, but i trespassed into the back & was stopped by friendly people asking me what i kind of help i needed. I just wanna see how it is done!

I have always wanted to stop & learn more about what happened inside this amazing building. I met the owner, Gus Pappas & his son, Cameron (who i believe is Superman in his Clark Kent disguise, because he wears dark framed glasses & his handshake almost broke every finger in my hand…he was so cool) even though it wasn’t set up for the viewer, it smelled better than any garden i’d ever been in. I loved the flowers, leaves & stems left on the floor, while people worked building large & small bouquets of flowers. Like rushes in the middle ages, everyone who walked upon the floor, forced scent up & into this building. I didn’t have my flash with me, the light was pretty low, which is why some images above are soft on focus.

Norton’s Florist is the largest florist in Birmingham, Alabama. The florist began in the 1920’s. It is privately owned & family operated…BUY LOCAL.


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  1. Maverick ~ says:

    Gorgeous images and delightful peek at the backroom.


    1. Hi Maverick…it was super cool to see how the biggest florist in Birmingham works. I wish i could put leaves & flowers on my floor because the smell didn’t match what i saw. i smelled garden while walking among man made everything. Thanks for the compliment! ~amy


  2. I really like the flash-free, dreamy-like shots. What great perspective in each of them! I am stumped to pick a favorite! 🙂


    1. Hi Gracie, wow! really! it was so hard to stand still for all these shots. such low light, if i am ever asked to come back, i will bring my tripod. and your compliments amaze me. I am grateful for them. ~amy

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 🙂 My pleasure, Amy.


  3. loisajay says:

    Totally! These photos are amazing, Amy. Just beautiful!


    1. hi loisajay! wow, i loved the adventure in there. but holding the camera still enough to grab what i wanted was tough. half the shots were blurry. i needed a tripod because i REFUSE to use my flash unless it is for people, at night. thank you! ~amy


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