Bee Still.



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    1. Oh, it was super easy if you can learn to speak to bees. I just asked him, “Hold still for a darn minute, would you??” 🙂 I took, maybe 10 shots before i got a little intimidated by all the other bees buzzing around the flowers. When i went through all of them…and i found that i’d caught him, i SCREAMED. i seldom have the patience, nor a steady had to hold a camera long for such a shot. Babbling, sorry! Thank you, Julie!!

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    2. Thank you so much, Julie…did i answer you twice? if yes, sorry!~amy


  1. keebslac1234 says:

    Love the tension in a photo like this. This is the kind of thing I try for in sports photography, the passage from one place to another. The between is so much more fun that the start or finish.


    1. a bit like life, then? Thank you so much for the compliment, i was thrilled that i had a steady hand for one so small-him, not me…So, here is to the journey, then the destination. ~amy


  2. Maverick ~ says:

    Bee tee full. 🙂


    1. Ha! Purr fectly bee tee full…as i had my Quicksilver wrapping himself around my legs…begging to be noticed. Thank you, Maverick. ~amy


  3. Wow! I’d love to print this out to so the children at the kindergarten I work in. They are learning about the part sof the flower and we have tiny native Australian stingless bees in our garden that they love looking after.


    1. Hi Lucy from Australia…images can be taken as needed, i do try to upload them big enough to share, although sometimes my wi-fi cuts out during the upload & images turn to sand. Thank you for asking & I hope you took it or showed it to them. Bee good! ~amy


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