i LOVE his silver toes…all six of them. he is so hard to photograph because when i try to take a photo, he just walks up to me & wraps himself around my legs.

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  1. kathryneann says:

    Lovely cat, great shots. We have 2 gorgeous grays. Not true Russian Blues, but we adore them.


    1. Well, perhaps Quicksilver isn’t a Russian Blue…my brother had one & his cat looks just like Quicksilver. Perhaps i will call him my gorgeous gray. Although he is silver, see his toes. I wish i could kiss those toes! Thank you for the compliment! ~amy

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  2. Melissa says:

    Beautiful cat. I had one named Otter who looked very similar–almost shimmered


    1. YES! Shimmered, that is what his legs & feet look like-magic. Which is how i came up with his name. My son has shortened it to Silver. I like it. Thank you Melissa! You have great taste in cats! ~amy


  3. A Faerie cat indeed.


    1. Gretchen, you spelled Fairy the older way or is it a European way of spelling it? He is wonderful & it has taken almost a year for him to allow me to hold him. And sometimes, he even purrs. ~amy


      1. I prefer that spelling because it suggests to me another world filled with magic. This beautiful grey cat is faerie to me. I will paint him soon.


      2. I LOVE the spelling & yes, it felt more magical then the typical spelling of it. Oh, gosh, if you paint Quicksilver, i want to buy a copy, please let me know when its available to the common woman 🙂 ~amy


  4. He is so handsome Amy! Cuddle him for me please 😃


    1. Thank you, Julie! I cuddle anytime he will let me. The dogs chased him up a tree this morning & i’ve not seen him since. I hope he doesn’t blame me for their actions! ~amy

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