i have a question

12 thoughts on “i have a question

  1. Ugh! Phones should be stuck on walls and have curly cords dropping out of them. Pictures? Not so much. I’ve tried, it just isn’t the same. Like the fog is forming around the edges. Fine if you photoshop it in for effect. A good (even used) Nikon or a Canon, if you prefer, is preferred for anything but those feet on the end of the lounge chair pics.


    1. I am sorry for the late reply, i was one step closer to getting a new camera body…the post is titled, “my father called me last night” it was AWESOME! And thank you for the offer of buying your pentax! ~amy


  2. Our older Canon 40D gathers dust because it’s outdated and cannot be fixed. The newer 7D is chugging along just fine, but both flash units are wonky. One has no foot to speak of; that broke long ago. The other’s on-off switch in non-functional. We’re going to have to do something about that, too. Murphy’s Law reigns.


  3. Hope you get your wish! I recently purchased a Nikon on Ebay…it was used and as it turns out it needs a new battery every couple of uses.


  4. Love this photo!! Most of my photos come from mobile devices and are processed afterward. A very different approach but if I had the cash at hand a DSLR would be in my hand.


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