decorating a dollhouse for FREE

for my son’s school project (they learned about wiring lights) he had to decorate ONE room. We were given the size of the room. Amazingly we had a Restoration Hardware magazine at home. So really, we made ourselves a mansion…for free. Just incase you are a dollhouse fan. 🙂DSC_0004DSC_0002DSC_0017DSC_0015 2

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  1. I hope that my house on wheels looks as grand!


  2. Oohbegah says:

    Your son did a good job! It’s cute!


    1. Amy Saab says:

      He did a great job, it really helped that i kept that free catalog for people with a gazillion dollars. His room compared to others…well, they didn’t have a cool mag at home i guess. ~amy


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