my last family shoot i did was…


difficult. one girl wouldn’t smile, the other wouldn’t stop acting like Madonna Vogue-ing.


the parents wouldn’t put the poor dog down, so i couldn’t photograph the father. The mother refused outright to look at me.


this was the drama queen. they paid well though. but if they call me next October, i’ll say i’m booked solid.

these AWESOME Halloween decorations were so, so cool. Myer’s Plants & Pottery has tons of the best Halloween decorations i’ve ever seen.

8 thoughts on “my last family shoot i did was…

  1. love your props! chuckling. bet it was not fun … at all. 😦 too bad you can’t hand out a postcard set of numbered guidelines.titled “JUST 3 Tips! 1. 2. 3. = a more successful photo result” Sometimes, people just have NO clue.


    1. I wish the props were mine. They were in a fantastic store. I was allowed to photograph everything/anything i wanted because the owners knew i’d post their pictures on my blog. I usually have a fantastic time on shoots, i tend to ignore the parents & play with the kids. That is my tip to get great photos of families together! ~amy

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