books are now antiques?


i’ve seen lots of old books turned into art. does anyone realize that if our power gird is destroyed by a solar storm, terrorism, big ass storm, that our iPads, iPhones, tablets will become…useless? I, for one, will keep my books around because if there is no power, i’d like something to  do.

22 thoughts on “books are now antiques?

  1. Books should survive us.
    I’m guilty to have destroyed two or three books in my life, tough. One was a weird, unidentifiable chinese or japanese book I found in a “for free” box at university (nothing antique, seemed to be something like a manual for everyday relationships or whatever) which i turned into a case for our kindle (which I don’t even use at the momen).
    Apart from these isolated incidents I’m a book horder and have a hard time parting with books even when I know I won’t ever read them. It’s difficult for me to concentrate on a complicated text when it’s on a screen, so I print out what I need to read for university whenever possible. There’s a book with survival techniques and whatever in our study; if there should ever come a time of crisis I’ll be prepared when there’s no way to google how to find water or make a splint 😉
    And yes, printing some pictures always is a good idea. I’ve got some mini-prints of friends and family flying around in our study, and they tend to turn up between random stacks of paper every now and then. We gifted printed albums of our wedding pictures to our families, though our home still lacks one of these albums; I should get a copy printed soon!


  2. I am old fashion and perferr to hold a book in my hand. I have a lot of books that I bought in second hand stores. I save only the ones I really liked. I donate back the others. 7 years ago we had a hurricane that swept across Sweden. Our power lines in our area went down. We went 3 weeks with out Electricity. That meant we could not get water from our well because of the electrical pump. We had to heat the house from our kitchens wood burning stove… It was great that I had bought a lot of books for winter reading.

    It was cold and we had a lot of snow on the ground. It made me appreciate all the modern luxuries. It also made us have emergencies alternative bathroom, makeshift refridgerator and freezers….. We were lucky, but we had neighbors we bathed at their house and got water from them… That made it easier.


  3. I love books over ebooks, especially as the blue light in electronic devices is not helpful for sleep! (Thanks for checking out my blog)


  4. For me there ‘s nothing like a real book – the solidity, textures, beauty of printed letters on paper. The internet is wonderfully useful, but for me it will never replace books 🙂


  5. I feel a bit uncomfortable when I see topographies made with books. Like if I were in Fahrenheit 451.
    Next time I’ll receive the visit of an artist I’m going to lock the door of my library 😀


    1. No one is going to get my books either. I don’t think i would ever feel compelled to buy ‘art’ made from a books destruction. We will need books when the power goes out, doesn’t anyone know that?! ~amy

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  6. I still like to hold and read a “real” book as opposed to a kindle (which I don’t have anyway!) I have so many book cases too. I hope people like us will keep books around for a while longer at least 🙂

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    1. Oh, i do plan on keeping my books & i do still buy them. I mostly read on my iPad…i can check books out of my library for 14 days for free. I ALWAYS was late in returning real books, now, i get a note saying that i need to delete books after 14 days have passed. Best thing ever. The app is called Overdrive…incase you do have a smartphone or a tablet. thanks for commenting! ~amy

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    1. Ugh, i never thought of that. I have thousands of photographs stuck in boxes & feel no real desire to print many that i take now. It never occurred to me that if my computer crashes & dies, I will lose thousands of images of my life & my families…Perhaps i should start printing some again…especially ones of my children! ~amy

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      1. My ex has all the childhood pictures of our children. Those are from the film days for the most part. There are some digital pictures of my son as a teenager. I sent her the files and she printed the pictures. He lived with me after she left. Good times
        I rarely print anything. I really doubt if anyone will take the time to look through my archives.


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