who made this footprint?


this print was found in Pell City, Alabama (an hour east of Birmingham) My brother-in-law, Gene found it, measured it & photographed it. He said its about 5″ long. He told me what he thinks it may be a coyote, but he thought it was too big. There was a cougar/mountain lion spotted in a near by country, but this animal doesn’t have retractable claws…

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  1. Looks like a coyote track.


  2. ??? Probably wouldn’t want to meet it in the woods.


  3. Looks pretty clearly like a large dog to me. We’ve got Anatolian Shepherds and their prints look like this, if not even larger! The nonretractile claws are telling. D


  4. Really cool and spooky… maybe a Godzilla baby foot print :):):)


  5. James Keegan says:

    Looks like a dog print to me. A big dog if it was 5 inches =)

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