a spot of tea?


The ‘Spot of Tea’ is in Mobile, Alabama, which is in the DEEP SOUTH, so i have to wonder if the waitresses/waiters ask their customers if they would like sweet tea or unsweet tea. This is a question that is only asked in the South. In Vermont, if i asked for tea, the question is, “hot or iced?” I have to tell you that drinking sweet tea is akin to drinking (almost straight) sugar in brown colored water. Thankfully, since moving down south a million years ago, unsweet is now offered, only so that those who wish to drink diet beverages, can put their own fake sweetener in it.


9 thoughts on “a spot of tea?

  1. I love the photo. It’s very inviting. Come on in, set a spell and have a cup. I grew up in Illinois drinking instant tea (yuck!), and didn’t discover the delights of fresh brewed tea until we moved to the DEEP SOUTH. My husband had to go to Boston once on a business trip (it was winter) and he wanted iced tea but no one had it. I told him just to order hot tea with two teabags and a glass of ice. Problem solved. I don’t drink tea with any sweetener which made ordering tea (at that time) a little difficult. Times have changed, but tea is still my primary beverage. Thanks for posting such a lovely photo.


    1. Ha! Swate tay…i’m a born & bred yankee, so we always had our tea straight. When i first had Southern sweet tea, i felt like i was drinking syrup! i brew my own in the summer & add honey…i drink it by the gallons. Thank you for your comment, Joey. ~amy

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  2. We are new to Mobile and tried this place a few weeks ago and LOVED it! Their loaded potato soup was just yummy! However, I find the whole concept of iced tea extremely strange! It is certainly not what us Brits would call tea, hence why I brought a lot of ‘Yorkshire Tea’ teabags across with us! I don’t think I will ever stray away from the good hot cuppa with a dash of milk 🙂


    1. WOW, Natalie, from England to Mobile, Alabama is like moving to a new planet! I’m a born & breed Yankee, from Vermont. We alway had iced tea in summer, no sugar. In winter, we had hot tea (with a tea bag) with honey. When i first tried Southern Sweet tea, it was shocking & quite…nasty. I brew my own at home, bags of tea, yes, but with raw honey. Thank you for your comment, very interesting & i do hope you enjoy Mobile. That is where my daughter is attending college. ~amy

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