sea shells by the…

7 thoughts on “sea shells by the…

    1. I did too. I found this display of collected shells at my mother-in-law’s back porch table. Perfection. She found these shells somewhere on the sand in the gulf of Mexico. Thank you, Karen. ~amy


      1. That was a project I had in my mind for my Cancers in my family, my Dad and brother! Oh gosh I love them both and I wanted to make something funny for them. A real crab was the only missing piece! Was an accident about 2 weeks ago we had very low tide and the crab got caught up in the shallow water, lucky me, it was the exact fellow I was waiting for for my funny message! Thanks for liking it Amy! My next FB is something very special to me! At the farmer’s market I took a shot of a little girl and I think she is really an angel (at least she looks like one). So I took myself to editing and tried to make my first portrait of an angel. I will post it over the weekend on my FB and looking forward to see what you think! 🙂


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