a retired hero

8 thoughts on “a retired hero

  1. I like life as you see it: pink roses, flags being hung,a fire truck being called a hero. I am ging to enjoy going through and checking out how you see life on your blog. I do thank you for following my blog. It is a mishmash, but I have fun with it I hope you will feel welcomed and visit often. I look forward to seeing future posts from you!


  2. How nice to pay a tribute to a red hero! There is always some kind of special feeling comes over me if I see a red firetruck! I think they are awesome and reassure me that if they come we’re going to be OK. Firefighters are a special kind of people just as they red trucks and all I can say to them”Thank you” for your dedication! Really nice shots Amy, I love that you thought about something which most of us see it as just another norm. of everyday’s life!


    1. Thank you, Eva. Hard to take a bad image of red & chrome. a bright distortion of a grand life saving beast of a truck. I feel the same as you, hence, the title of the post! ~amy


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