Crestline bagels is cool blue

DSC_0061 DSC_0071

this color blue is going to be the backside of my bookshelves in my art studio. inspiration for colors can come from anywhere.

Crestline Bagels is a fantastic bagel place located in Crestline Village, Alabama

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  1. Karen B says:

    I really wonder about Alabama. I wonder what it is like. Let me try and explain. Because all I know about it comes through your photos, I imagine that if I came I would be expecting it to look just like that, all popping colour and beauty. Of course, this is a totally crazy idea. It is a silly as you expecting that everything in Devon looks how it does in my photos. But it is amazing how you create a special world for us all Amy And perhaps I do that a little bit too. Your world is so sunny and colourful. It is a real adrenalin boost each time I see a new photo of yours.
    Thank you, for all the efforts you go to to help us through our days.


    1. Amy Saab says:

      My Dearest Karen. After i read your comment, i called my two youngest (10 & 13) to listen to what you wrote. I then told them that when they were in college, i was going to Devon to live with you. 🙂 Sophie asked, ” what if she is a serial killer?” i told her i wouldn’t mind as long as you buried me in your gardens. they loved what you had to say. i loved telling them that you were my pen pal & that we’ve even communicated via my email address. they were impressed. as far as how you would see Birmingham, I think you would find all the beauty tucked away or out in plain sight, that you would capture what is the best of it too. i can show the ugly side of this city that is my adopted home, but the news can show its ugly side. i’d rather insulate myself from the cities sharp edges. i tend to go only to places where i can find many treasures. i love Devon through your eyes, too. photography tells a story, the photographer decides on how the story appears, does it not? Thank you so much for all your kind & quite unbelievable words. I adore hearing from you in anyway that you chose to communicate with me. Thank you for helping get through my days. ~amy


      1. Karen B says:

        Please assure your two lovely children that I am not a serial killer! I laughed so much when I read that!
        I really must get out and about more and take some photos of places other than my garden. You are so totally brilliant at that. I think you have a spontaneity which I seriously lack. I seem to lose my inner focus when amidst people and feel that I get a little confused because light is coming at my subject from all directions! Maybe I just need to practice more.
        I do agree, that like you that we both seek out and portray subject matter which conveys positivity and beauty.
        If you ever come to Devon, there is real beauty to be found, but because it is so rural there is always a lot of travelling involved to find it. I don’t refer to the countryside, that is beautiful almost everywhere, but to find the kind of shops which I know you like, we all have to travel, whereas you have a great deal on your doorstep.
        Please would you let your children read my latest post, which is all about the Dartmoor Pixies, they might then get an idea of my true nature and that they need have no fears.
        Thank you, as always, for your kind words.


      2. Amy Saab says:

        After i wrote what they had said, i hoped that you knew they were being silly. I also think they didn’t want me to travel to the other side of the world, away from them. Monsters want me home. In an odd way I was flattered. I love how your photographs, I love your choices of images to shoot. I didn’t realize that you were in the country, I thought you had said you were in a very small little town. That would be enough for me. I prefer the country over the city. The whole state of Vermont holds as many people as does the City of Birmingham, Alabama. I grew up in a very small town with a two lane highway. Moving here was to be a short time, with my Ex going to optometry school, then moving back HOME. But life didn’t go to plan. As the saying goes, bloom were you are planted. I am trying. I will show my kids your Darmoor Pixies. I can’t wait to see it for myself! Thank you, as always, for being my friend. ~amy


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