Summer Vacation project! Decorating birdhouses with your kids

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a fun art project to do with your kids. the unfinished birdhouses can be found at craft stores. if you have beautiful paper you’ve been saving for ‘something’ this is a great way to use it. these birdhouses can be nailed to a tree, or you can use a drill with a long bit, to screw it to the tree. an inexpensive project that can last a long time. after using the decoupage, cover it with a strong varnish…and perhaps spray painting varnish inside to make it last longer. if you’ve made one you wish to keep forever…keep it inside. my spiderman (not shown) is kept in my art studio.

good luck with your kid’s summer vacation.

23 thoughts on “Summer Vacation project! Decorating birdhouses with your kids

    1. It was wonderful fun! Now that there is so much beautiful paper around, decoupaging anything can turn into something useful. I highly recommend making one. You can’t really fail! Thank you for your compliment! ~amy


    1. I wish I could take credit for the free birds & their cages, Alessandro. I just bought an art calendar that was 75% off & cut them out. It was so easy & so much fun. Thank you so much for your wonderful compliment! ~amy


    1. It was wonderful fun. I’m so glad my i got my daughter to make one too. It made it more fun. It was such a relaxing project because someone else made the art, I just had to paint, then glue it on. & i hope the coolest of birds moves in! Thanks, Eva! ~amy


    1. Oh, Karen it was so relaxing because I couldn’t fail using someone else’s art! I want to make one everyday, it was better then therapy! I hope you make one & post it! I’ll bet yours would be stunning! ~amy


      1. I made a quilt once with a birdhouse as a central motif. It was inspired by the song called ” Make a little birdhouse in your soul”.


      1. Oooh, how brilliant you are, Reggie! I had so much fun making them, but don’t want too many in my garden…I can make them as gifts & fuel my addiction of crafting at the same time. THANK YOU!!! ~amy


  1. These are just the sweetest!
    And using nail varnish reminded me of being a teenager when everything used to get decorated . . .even trainers 🙂 The most useful medium ❤


    1. I love using nail polish for art projects! I painted a dragon on card stock & he turned out so amazing! I want to make a koi with it. I buy the cheapest for art projects…it works great for art project. I love that you used it on your trainers! Thank you! ~amy


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