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I grew up in Vermont. My parents will tell you it was six months of winter. I remember it as, “this is life & what else is there?” My parents had lived in other places & disliked the length of Vermont winters. When my mother was feeling blue from winter, she would take us to garden centers & florist shops. I once asked her why we are going to places like this when nothing can be planted in the ground. She told me it felt like summer in these warm & humid places. She would tell me she needed to escape the blue & white. The very cold, dry world of winter. After leaving such places, my mother would seem happy & stronger. It was as though just inhaling life was enough to help ease the passing of the season.

In Alabama, it is not cold like it is in Vermont. We have no snow to shovel, or wood to chop, no wood burning stoves to put steel tea kettles full of water on to help moisten the dry air.

In Alabama, the winters are wet, grey & boring. There is no color other then muck. I have found I feel the pull of the florist shops & greenhouses. I buy flowers, warm colors to rid my vision of the dull colored world outside my windows. I believe this is why people would bring in evergreens into their homes so long ago. These evergreens turned into the Christmas tree. Nothing feels better then adding life & light when the world is cold & dark.
I thought I’d pass this wise & wonderful tip that my mother had passed onto me, to other people that suffer from through their colorless winters. Light & life are necessary to help rid the suffering of cabin fever. Which is a bit like depression. I’m going to go buy some red & yellow flowers to warm up my home.

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  1. This is a coincidence as my mother was the same. Having left Asia and living through the grey English winter, she would cheer herself by arranging colourful blooms from the florist.


  2. KerryCan says:

    Nice post! I would’ve thought that being in Alabama would cure the winter blues–who knew? Here in upstate New York, the current weather suggests a trip to the garden center might be in order . . .


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Thank you, I’ll pass your compliment to my brilliant mother. Sorry it took me this long to respond, somehow I missed this. ~amy


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