a little sun drop & coca-cola

a little sun drop & coca-cola

antique store on Tennessee/Alabama border

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  1. That’s a blast from the past.


    1. 2me4art says:

      That antique store was NUTS. They had drift wood for like $200! So over priced, it was uncomfortable to be there. But i loved the coke bottles in the sun. ~amy


  2. Reblogged this on Allison P Adams ~ Alabama Artist/ Author and commented:
    Creativity ~ sometimes you run across something from someone else that inspires~
    makes you think of all of the creative things you might be doing,
    shows you a new perspective.
    To me today it was seeing something as simple as a photo on a blog of a pile of coke bottles.

    As I am thinking each day THIS MONTH in the Creativity Challenge
    (and weekends are for things like THIS~ seeing, feeling~
    planning the creativity for the WEEKDAY posts)
    I couldn’t help re posting a photo by 2me4art, a blog that I follow.
    Every few days I get two or three of her quick snaps by photo of something
    she SAW and captured with her phone camera, or may have MADE.

    Her blog reminds me to SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY.

    Today raindrops are running down my window in magical streams~
    the patterns like racing rivers that stamp leopard-like prints across my previously dusty window.

    Today my mind wanders towards ways to paint this pile of bottles, or whether or not I might even tackle it, if I can fit it into the week that keeps finding more and more slots filled as I glance at my next week’s calendar while typing and telling my daughter where to find her backpack.

    Either way, whether I complete the task or not, this image caught my attention for a moment.
    A memory engrained in my mind….maybe forever, maybe just today,
    but definitely a spark for my creativity, and for THAT I am grateful.

    Blessings on this rainy Sunday from Alabama.

    Allison Adams


  3. LOVE this~ may try to paint it if you don’t mind!


    1. 2me4art says:

      Wow, that is a challenge- what media? My favorite media is watercolor, but I think this one would make my eyes cross! I hope you do try. I would love to see the end result, Allison!


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