a little frayed around the edges

a little frayed around the edges

I guess this is what happens to us after the first bloom of youth has passed.
If it is our appearance that we are most concerned with-it is because society wants us to believe it is important to continue to look young.

Corporations sell ‘snake-oil’ formulas & injections to keep us blooming, the more expensive, the better they work. That is same old snake-oil salesmen ‘formula’ used for thousands of years.
It seems all the alcohol & cigarette advertisements have been replaced with creams & other magic potions to stay young. & just like alcohol & cigarettes, it has become another addiction. A way to exploit our insecurities.

But it is our insecurities that make us human. Without them, we would be sociopaths. humbling. I tell my daughters when they look blue, “I know you think & feel like you are crap, but you are supposed to feel that way, WE ALL DO. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t, I just want you to remember that I think you are wonderful” I am met with an eye roll or sometimes i hear a “thanks mom.”

I think if humans didn’t feel fragile in some way, then we wouldn’t have the drive to find our strengths- it cannot be only about how we look, even though that is a very large part of us. Our face is what greets the world first & the world’s reaction to it. Beauty is met with wonder & we can be dazzled by it, but if that beauty is two years old & he/she pitches a temper tantrum, it breaks the spell that held our interest.
Every one of us, with our ordinary, cute, plain or ugly faces must learn to find what our strengths are so that we can learn to hold the interest of others & figure out our purpose in our society. Right? I don’t know…

I don’t like looking older either, but i have an advantage over some. i am a photographer. what i don’t like about my aging face, i can cover up by placing my camera in front of it.

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  1. 2me4art says:

    very true, I think we all learn that as babies! ~amy


  2. dianaed2013 says:

    Well this is food for thought but just one more idea – a smile brightens any face and is welcoming


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