Sculpture details, as wordpress will not allow me to tell the tale along with the pictures

The sign, the 1st image, came down in a building in Baltimore, Maryland,  his studio was there.  I like to think he would like mine today & that he would be proud that I’ve created Jewish art for a prayerbook.

The 2nd image is a sculpture they call Zohar.  As a little girl, I would look up at him, in my grandparent’s house, resting on his pedestal.  I was maybe three or four & I remember loving him.  I had no fear of his stern looks, I’ve earned quite a few of those in my short life.  I loved him, because he was part of our family & I believed then, that he loved me back. Still do, really.

The 3rd image is of his face. He is beautiful.  He has a wonderful story in history, I will try to find its source.

The 4th is of my Grandmother’s prayerbook.  I put the book near the window on Salvador’s book.  It appears Mr. Dali is wondering why I’ve chosen such a book to place upon his own.

The 5th image is of a miniature. Miniatures were the sculptures that my Grandfather was famous for. The King of England, the king that gave up his throne for love, this king (Queen Elizabeth’s uncle) was so impressed with Louis Rosenthal’s work that he changed the name of the Royal Charter of Miniature painters to The Royal Charter of Miniature painters & sculptures just to include Louis Rosenthal. This information, with names & dates, correct ones, can be found on the online Museum of Louis Rosenthal. Just Google Louis Rosenthal Museum &  forgive my mistakes.

Everywhere Louis Rosenthal walked, people knew who he was.  Once a man stopped to greet him, and Louis’s son Bernie was with him. The man bent over & said to Bernie (my great Uncle)  “Did you know your father carries a museum in his pocket?”  This piece in the photo is known as, “The Bound Dancers”  I took their photograph sitting atop a bottle of wine, so that their size can be measured.  I had the wrong lens for it, their detail is astounding & I’ll try to capture it better one day.

The 6th image is of Ezra the scribe, this piece has a wonderful story.  He had been created around the time of the Great Depression.  My Great Grandfather had my grandmother, Michal (Named after King Saul’s daughter, who was King David’s first wife, its true, look it up!) Elaine & a son named Bernie.  When the children came home from school, sometimes they would find a note, mostly left for Bernie, the note would ask him to go to the store to buy bread or milk.  The end of the note was always the same.  “Ezra has the money.”  Ezra’s base is hollow & when the children were young, it contained a box, where change was kept.

The 7th image is of Edgar Allen Poe.  He remains in wax as he was carved 70+ years ago. Poe looks down upon high at me.  I still fear him.  Monsters of the mind, his sadness, his depression was captured perfectly by Louis Rosenthal.  He is high on a shelf where I left him, because I am afraid of him as though he carries his sadness still & the sculpture is so real to me, that I believe his illness to be contagious.  Crazy as a loon, am i?

I’ve corrected a few mistakes from original posts pointed out by my father.

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  1. bulldogsturf says:

    The only thing here thats crazy is why won’t they allow you to publish the pictures..???


    1. 2me4art says:

      They did, the pictures are beneath the words. They wouldn’t allow me to print the WORDS & THE PICTURES…I was so angry last night. But PLEASE look at his work. I wish I had know him.


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