The Pink Store is in Pell City, Alabama

12 thoughts on “The Pink Store is in Pell City, Alabama

  1. I am quite impressed by your ability to find great art subjects in a place like The Pink Store. It’s about the last place anyone would consider artsy, but what do I know? The whole place in full of made-in-China stuff, and was years ahead of the the rest of the economy’s addiction to the stuff. OTOH, they don’t take credit or debit cards, which I love. They give the Chinese a lot of money; but figuratively tell the banking industry to bugger off.


  2. Don’t make fun of The Pink Store or it’s owner’s IQ. It is one of the most interesting places I’ve ever been. I don’t buy much there but love to spend time looking around. It is totally unique.


    1. I do apologize, it was in reference to the flags above the door …very pro American, but instead of buying his products in the USA,it upsets me to see patriots screaming how proud they are of their county. But their bottom line is profit & they disregard the love of country & support China’s economy instead of their own.


      1. Well, we could get in a debate about all the other places that buy stuff made in China. But I’m not going there. Take it from someone old and retired from “Hotlanta” that the Pink Store has it’s place. It’s unique, weird, and a delightful place to while away an hour.


    1. I didn’t take that picture because I am a fan, just showing those of us who are sheltered, the dusty,cobwebbed, way out in the country, their way of shopping. I’m not going to hang anything on the walls of my studio. -amy


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