What do you think the pollen count was that week?

What do you think the pollen was that week?

I’m surprised we’re not all dead. A big thank you for allergy medicines that do not put you to sleep…zzzzz

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  1. That makes my whole body itch!! I know its been a bad year pollen wise, but the photo makes it look catastrophic. . I can feel it myself and have doubled up the allergy med just to keep my nose from running off this planet.

    It rained here finally, was to wash the air clean. Not so much. We are even being threatened with snow. In June!!


    1. 2me4art says:

      I took that picture in feb. or March. The water doesn’t look like that anymore. This is the sinus headache kind of pollen


      1. Looks like sinus infection headache Hope you are not being bothered by it anymore


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