“Let me narrow this down for you Southerners”

Winter in Alabama is so crazy. It can be 70F one day, then 30F degrees the next. Jack Frost took the pepper mint candy color out of my flower. Crazy weather tricked this to flower too soon. Crazy weather…but no one said it better than my friend Molly as seen above on her Facebook page….

the sun shines from within

i found these waterlilies at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens yesterday. Birmingham has a cold snap right now. The nights got into the mid 20s, the cold didn’t effect these beauties at all. ~amy

yesterday’s pick

The weather called for hail, high wind & a pounding rain. I wasn’t going to let these flowers endure that kind of punishment. Better they get put into vases to make my house more beautiful.

snow in Alabama vs Vermont

The kids & I have been trapped in our house for four days because of snowfall on Tuesday in Birmingham, Alabama. A little background history first. I consider myself a Yankee. My (now ex) husband informed me that I’ve lived in Birmingham Alabama for as long as I lived in Vermont–half my life. My Vermont…

moss & ice

Birmingham Alabama is slowly becoming the greenest place on earth. No, not that kind of green. Moss green. Lovely color, moss green. I welcomed a little moss on the bank of our creek, stream, brook- (whatever people in Birmingham call running water outside) I loved it. I carefully dug some up & put it on…