what happens when you turn the color up

this is slate i found on a walk in the country. to the naked eye, it looked mostly grey & black. i saw some color in it when i photographed it. When i saturated it at home? BAM! you can see all the mineral deposits it contained. Amazing, no?

why Lake Champlain rocks are blue

because Vermont is so damn cold. i’m kidding, these aren’t all really rocks, but slate. there are cliffs in places around the lake that stand over 6 stories high, these pieces of slate came from those cliffs. all the photos were taken in South Hero, Vermont. It was incredible. I walked around finding flat pieces…

standing on the water’s edge

Killkare State Park in St. Albans, Vermont. Chasing the sunlight before it descends into the waters of Lake Champlain.

watching the elements dance

earth, water, air & fire. the fifth element? aether…”that which was beyond the material world.” people wonder, my own family included, why Vermont has such a hold on me. i’ve lived in Birmingham, Alabama twenty one years. it has never felt like home. my children and my animals have kept me grounded, both literally &…