standing out orange

the first photo has stunningly orange flowers. the second photo is of orange blossoms…someday soon, with luck & love, they too, will be orange.

blueberries keep on coming

This is what we see every single day for the past two weeks. Lucky us! Plant yourself some native blueberries, it will take about five years to have them produce…too many to eat. But it is so worth the wait!

ladybug to the rescue

  This hero is headed for the spider mites that have gotten into our blueberries. I use organic pesticides to kill these nasty things, but I would rather use ladybugs. I wish i could go to the nursery & buy an ARMY of these food-saving ladybugs. Fighting nature with nature really seems the way to…

stain your garden beds blue

My twin brother built these last weekend. I love that he stained the wood blue. Jealous me! I can’t wait until he puts in some plants/flowers/veggies/fruit…He works at a Nursery in Berkeley, California. So he will know HOW IT’S DONE.