a goose, the gas station & time

My kids gave me flowers & a card this morning. They were really beautiful¬† (and what they’ve always gotten me, a tradition) I didn’t expect anything else. The hugs that came with them were the best part. My daughter started making lunch while i was reading in the living room.¬† My daughter loves to cook…

the astronaut was dancing with aliens

I gotta say this was the least boring place i’ve ever been. The people here were very comfortable being themselves. I loved watching this woman dance. She was great fun. The bee people were there for the ‘bee petting zoo’. And people think Birmingham Alabama is made up of straight laced Bible loving people. Here…

tulip scoops

I loved walking on flower petals. Its a bit magical to have flowers beneath your feet.

popping up poppies

One of my favorite flowers. I had to shoot these poppies at high noon (bad planning)…which is never a flattering light for anything or anyone…it means i had to get on the ground to photograph most of these. If i attempted to photograph them from above, the flowers would have been overexposed & the color…

Lavender Twist Rosebud

Another favorite flowering tree. I love how they flower straight out of the branch. What a stunner. I found this at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

the club in Birmingham, Alabama

I took these with my iphone. We decided to lunch here (she is a member) to see the view from atop Red Mountain. There wasn’t one. Still…they had some cool lights


ok…I’m done. Until next year! Happy Spring

the cat bit the dogwood

the light was so low…hence the blurry photos. I think i’ve only posted one other image that was out of focus. But his teeth on the branch, its too funny not to share!! Don’t worry he didn’t bite hard enough to go through the bark of the dogwood. Springtime in Alabama is beautiful!