the flowers & the cat

Juju, my cat, doesn’t like when i find something to do that doesn’t involve him. He had to be the center of attention. and you know what? I am grateful. He is one cool cat. These are my African Daisies from pots outside. Their stems were short, so i needed a small vase. Stunning flowers…and…

sweeter when wet

my garden this morning after a good washing. September in Alabama is still summer.

wrap me up

instead of fading away, this blossom, curled up tighter. something people do when they’re not feeling well…fetal position, perhaps? 🙂

looking into the cosmos

& being dazzled by it. The African Daisy is among the Cosmos. I can travel the galaxy in my backyard gardens.

Its like eating one donut too many

So sweet. I brought my cellphone, with a pic of these flowers,to Leaf & Petal to ask anyone if they knew what the flower was called. Gerber Daisy? Two say. No, the flower is soft like a daisy, but smaller… The guy who would know just went to lunch. Go see if you can find…