even in death…

You’re awesome! This is a Juncus Effusus “Spiralis” or “corkscrew rush”…or a few other names i’m not going to list. This is a perennial, best planted in a container or as a houseplant. I’ve been told it becomes more wavy with less light.

I am changing how we celebrate Hanukkah.

Pretty audacious, right? well, i am tired of tiptoeing around what is right & wrong with how to celebrate Hanukkah. i grew up in Vermont with two parents, my father is Jewish & my mother converted. We grew up celebrating both Christmas & Hanukkah.¬†we got a Christmas tree. perhaps a day or two before Christmas….

blooming in winter

This is my lemon tree. It lives in a pot, spring, summer & fall, it sits in the sun on my deck. Winter, it lives in my living room. That is when the magic happens.

the last Antebellum Mansion in Birmingham, Alabama

The Arlington House has a very cool history. The house is decorated for Christmas this month. Obvious to Southerners, the home is in the South because is has dried cotton turned into Christmas decorations, its the wife & children’s nursery. The wife’s room has dried Okra hanging in her two bedroom windows. There is a…

rescuing the flowers

i cut all my flowers in the gardens because the cold is coming. i’d rather them be toasty warm inside my house. EVERYWHERE. Lucky me.

wee veggies are delightful

the last images are sweet potatoes made into…wee monsters? i wish i could say that i grew these. but they came from a friend’s garden & when i saw them, i knew i had to share her treasures.

wee mums make a HUGE impact

the blue vases stand about 2″ tall, the clear ‘vase’ is a mini salt/pepper shaker. The white rabbits? They are real salt & pepper shakers. Mums in Alabama usually come back year after year. These mums were a gift from my mother-in-law about three years ago. bringing flowers inside does the soul good.