the most beautiful jello in the world…

this jello was made by my brother-in-law’s girlfriend. Irene has many talents, one being an amazing violin player. She is a performer for Modern Gypsies. The donuts at the bottom are from an old fashion Donut shop in Hoover, Alabama. They are insanely good. But i decided I’d have Irene’s Jello instead.

Becoming ripe

these are photos of our gardens…the cherry tomato I picked off the vine & popped into my mouth, blew my tastebuds away.  The tomatoes at publix taste like water & are mealy, while freshly grown are as flavorful as ketchup or salsa compared to water.  Amazing difference, the only reason I am a fan of…

Orange slices

I loved how bright the colors seem when place in a neutral colored environment. They really pop.

Bistro Two-Eighteen

Uncle Tom Saab. I didn’t know that when I married into this family, that one of my new brother’s Michael Saab blew fire or that one of my new Uncles would cook so unbelievably, yummy food. Actually, the whole family rocks in their own way & I love them all.


but when I got close enough to see the gum balls they had all melted together & it was such a traumatic site, I don’t think I’ll ever look at gum balls the same way again. 🙂


did I get your attention? I learn a lot from bloggers about gardening, cutting fresh flowers, photography etc My desk is a pile of notes EVERYWHERE, post it, pads students have given me. When I write, part of me knows I will never find what I’m looking for & when my desk has not one…